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Submissions are now CLOSED for Love + Lust

Submission Fee: $15 per manuscript ($10 each additional)
Deadline: August 6, 2013  Midnight PST

Directions for submitting your manuscripts:
1. Pay for number of manuscripts you will be sending.

2. Send manuscript via email to info@open2interpretation.com. Include paypal transaction number in email subject line.  Make sure document filename includes designated photograph number (for example for image #15 name the file "LL_15_LastName_FirstName.doc, note this is your last name and your first name NOT the photographers.) If you are submitting two works to the same image identify each document differently, i.e., LL_15_LastName_FirstName_1.doc


If interested, order your copy of Open to Interpretation: Love + Lust now and receive a 35% discount off retail price. (Order must be placed by deadline on August 6, 2013 to receive discount.)



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