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A good photograph tells a story. But it tells a slightly different story to every viewer. Open to Interpretation's publications have launched to great critical acclaim and have provided a venue for photographers and writers from all over the world an opportunity to have their work published in a remarkable collection of images and words.


At Open to Interpretation we provide a platform for photographers and writers at all stages of their career. Watch for details on submitting to Eye Contact.  


Cover Image: $1,000

Judge's Choice Award for Photography: $500

Judge's Choice Award for Writing: $500


Your work will be selected by judges prominent in their field — gallery owners, publishers, editors, renowned practitioners, leading consultants and others who can influence your growth as an artist or writer.

Each book begins with a themed call for photographs. The selected images become the literary inspiration for the writer's submissions, from which two are chosen to accompany each image. The subsequent pairing of photographs and written pieces, culminates in the publication of a high-quality, fine art book. 

Each book is a two-part process. The photography call for entry comes first. The judge's results will be posted on-line. Writers and poets will then be invited to view the images and submit stories or poems that are inspired by the posted images.





















Calls for Entry


Watch for information about our upcoming portrait competition Eye Contact. Sign up for our mailing list and look for details to be announced spring 2014.

Calls for Submissions
    Theme: Love + Lust
Dorianne Laux

Submissions Open: March 30, 2013
Deadline: August 6, 2013
Results Announced: November 4, 2013
   Results Posted Online: December 3, 2013
   Submission Fee: $15 per manuscript
   $10 per additional manuscript
      Writing Guidelines 

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