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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are there any costs or fees beyond the submission/entry fee?
A: No. The only additional costs you may have is if you choose to purchase a copy of the book, but this is not necessary for your participation. The books are offered at a deep discount if you choose to purchase on or before the submission deadline. 


Q: Who retains the rights to the work?
A: The selected photographers retain all rights to their work. While Open to Interpretation acquires first publication rights for written materials of the selected writers, all rights revert to the author after publication and the work may be reprinted as long as appropriate acknowledgement to Open to Interpretation is made.

By being selected, both photographers and writers are granting Open to Interpretation the right to use work (in part or in its entirety), for the purposes of publishing, marketing, publicity, and promotional aspects of the project.


Q: What personal/professional information about me will be printed in the book?
A: While Open to Interpretation does not publish artist bios, selected artists may choose what contact information (telephone number, email address, website, etc) is printed and available to readers/the public. Any inquiries we receive for sales or future projects will be directed to the artist.


Q: Are transactions on your website secure?
A: Yes. Photography submissions are accepted using a program called Smarter Entry. Payment for writing submissions is accepted via Paypal. Both of these sites use the
latest encryption technology and trusted processors to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your personal information.


Q: How can I edit or add to my submission?
A: Photographers can log in
here using their username and password to make changes to a submission before the final deadline. Writers can send updated versions of their manuscripts to info@open2interpretation.com


Q: Why does it take so long to post the photography results online?
Approximately 2 weeks after the deadline we will notify all those that submitted. We need to then give the selected photographers time to return a signed agreement along with a high resolution image (and if applicable a model release) to us before we can open the images to writers to begin their submission process.    


Q: Will the photographs be reproduced in color or black & white?
A: The book will be printed in full color.


Q: How many images and interpretations will be selected?
A: There will be 25-30 images selected and therefore 50-60 written interpretations total. Every image will have two interpretations.


Q: Who is printing the books?
A: Hardcover volumes of Open to Interpretation are printed and bound professionally by a custom book printer.

Calls for Entry


Watch for information about our upcoming portrait competition Eye Contact. Sign up for our mailing list and look for details to be announced spring 2014.

Call for Submissions
    Theme: Love + Lust
Dorianne Laux

Submissions Open: March 30, 2013
Deadline: August 6, 2013
Results Announced: November 4, 2013
   Results Posted Online: December 3, 2013
   Submission Fee: $15 per manuscript
   $10 per additional manuscript
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