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The Beginnings


The comment I heard most often regarding my work was "the image tells a story" but I was never sure what story it was telling. When I started to ask I realized that people had their own wildly different interpretations of the images.

Open to Interpretation was the name of my first solo exhibit. There were 12 images and 24 different stories and poems. Friends wrote some of the stories and some were written by people I had never met before the exhibition opening.

I found the interaction between the image and text combined in such a way that the two of them together were greater than either of them independently. At first I just thought it was an interesting twist to an exhibition but found the words added another dimension to the work - allowing me to rediscover the image in ways that I had never imagined.

I'm a tactile person. I love having something to touch and hold. I love books. Beautifully designed and produced books. I find there to be physical connection with the work that doesn't exist when viewing images hanging on the wall. It feels more intimate with a lasting appeal.

I'm also an entrepreneur and find myself creating arts based programs and events. Somewhere, somehow I've always wanted to be part of a creative publishing service. This juried book competition was born of that first solo exhibition - an opportunity for photographers, writers and poets to collaborate and be part of something bigger than themselves.

I'm looking forward to all your interpretations.



Clare O'Neill
Publisher, Open to Interpretation
(To view some of the work from my first show go to www.ClareONeill.com) 


Open to Interpretation: Love + Lust
   Hardcover, 96 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   31 color images: 62 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-3-0
Open to Interpretation: Fading Light
   Hardcover, 96 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   32 color images: 64 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-2-3
Open to Interpretation: Intimate Landscape
   Hardcover, 94 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   30 color images: 60 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-1-6
  Open to Interpretation: Water's Edge
   Hardcover, 92 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   32 color images: 64 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-0-9

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